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Yoga • Meditation • Reiki • Sound Healing

Naturally relieve stress, anxiety, depression, grief or trauma. Navigate through the healing process with Yoga, Meditation, Reiki Energy, Divine Light & Sound Healing. Private and group sessions available. Located in beautiful Tucson, Arizona, Green Leaves Studio is a safe space to find mindfulness, peace, harmony, inspiration and wisdom. 

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Natalie Ivy Strickland

Natalie is a Light Healer, Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Sound Healer, Metaphysician, Meditation Guide, Yoga Instructor. She is passionate about holistic energy work, helping others and living a healthy balanced life. In 2002, she began doing yoga and meditation.  In 2011, she became a certified yoga instructor with the Yoga Connection, studied Yoga, Sanskrit mantra, meditation, and the Chakra energy centers with Priscilla Potter and JohnDennis Govert. Starting in 2014, she studied metaphysics, Divine Light Meditation and the Aura energy field with Barbara Y Martin, Dimitri Moriatis and the Spiritual Arts Institute. In 2021, became a certified Metaphysician and is continuing her training in Direct Divine Light Healing. Starting in 2017, she studied Reiki Energy work with Reiki Master, Janine Walters and in 2019 became a Reiki Master.

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Green Leaves Studio Services

Pilates Stretches


Natalie's Yoga classes are a moving meditation focusing on the breathe to promote mindfulness and ease. Yoga brings in harmony to the physical body and our chakra energy centers. It promotes relaxation and stress relief. She incorporates a flow sequence for stretch, balance and strength, completing the class with Crystal Singing Bowls. $12/hour class. $110/10 class card. $110/hour private lesson (optional to bring your friends and family up to 5 people).All are appointment only.

Meditation Class

Divine Light Healing Meditation

 Be guided through an active meditation using colors and Divine Light for clearing negative energies, restoring harmony & balance and bringing in peace, love, illumination, wisdom, clarity, divine knowledge and prosperity.

Cleanse you chakra’s and bring balance to your Aura Energy field. Increase your connection to your higher wisdom.

$110/hour private session (optional to bring your friends or family up to 5 people total)

Reiki Treatment

Reiki Light Healing

Relieve grief, depression, pain, stress & traumas. Create Harmony in your Aura energy field. Clear blocks, release negative energies, bring in positive energies, balance your Chakra energy centers & restore harmony to your Aura energy field. Includes Crystals, Essential oils, White Sage, Divine Light,  Reiki energy and Sound Therapy Crystal Singing Bowls. Free Consultation.

$110/hour private session $125/75 min private session(Optional to bring your partner for each of you to have a mini session together)What to expect: I have a private studio with a massage table and the client lies on their back relaxing for the session. I burn white sage in the room and around the client. We discuss if there are any specific issues the client would like to work on in the session. I place a few crystals on the chakra area with permission. I use pure essential oils on head and later on the feet. I place my hands on the chakra energy centers starting with the top of the head,  throat, heart(hands are hovering for woman), moving down the torso to the hips. Then doing the legs, feet, arms and hands. Addressing any areas specific to needs. I release negative, black and gray atoms and energies back into the earth to be recycled. Then I bring in positive new life force energies to balance, realign, harmonize, bring peace, love, strength, protection and assisting in the bodies natural healing process. I work with the Aura energy field and chakra energy centers. I complete the session with Sound Therapy Crystal Singing Bowls.
Then the client can share if desired any interesting experiences with me or write it down for their own use. Expect interesting dreams that night and up to a week after. Reiki Energy work is not a one time fix all. It's a process. I recommend once a month for someone who is serious about addressing specific issues in their past or present.  Long Distance Reiki Energy sessions available! 

Group Yoga Session


Enjoy a 2 hour Workshop with different topics including Yoga, Sanskrit Mantra Meditation, Divine Light Meditation, Reiki Energy Work, Crystal Singing Bowls, Breathing, how to start a home yoga practice, and the anatomy of our Chakra energy centers & Aura energy field. Classes fill up fast. Preregistration required.


House Energy Cleansing

  •Great for clearing your New Home of negative energies from previous tenants especially if there was sickness, death or abuse in the home before you moved in!   •Great to clear the home for yourself or a Loved one (as a gift) who has experienced a loss in life like a death in the family, loss of job, recent news of illness, divorce, trauma, accident...etc.   What to Expect: Reiki Master, Natalie Ivy Strickland, Burning White Sage throughout every room while doing Reiki energy work, burning epsom salt to radically clear negative energy out of the home, positive mantras inviting positive energies and bringing down Divine Light into the home while cleansing the negative energies, bringing in harmony, love, peace, balance & protection and finishing with Sound Therapy Crystal singing bowls!    $250 for one hour


Stay Connected

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Reiki Treatment

Reiki Training & Certification 

Reiki 1: Learn about Reiki and how to use it to heal yourself and others. Included: attunement, manuel, & certificate. $225/course.     Reiki 2: Expand your knowledge with Reiki and learn the symbols to help heal yourself and others. Learn Long distance healing. Included: attunement, manuel, & certificate. $225/course.    Reiki 3/Master: Continue in your journey with Reiki and learn more symbols for healing yourself and others. Learn how to teach the Reiki Tradition. Included: attunement, manuel, & certificate. $445/course.


Chakra Healing & Sound Bath

Enjoy a natural & healthy energetic journey!

With Sage Cleansing,✨ Sacral Chakra Activation✨, Chakra Clearing Meditation, & Sound Healing With 7 Crystal Singing Bowls. Enjoy a guided energetic journey through Healing to release challenges, trauma, pain, stress, anxiety or depression. Enjoy healing and realignment of your Chakra’s and Aura. You do not need anyone for your Healing. Simply Breathe deeply and meditate in nature daily and you will achieve all that you desire! 🧘‍♀️🌴✨

If you desire a guided experience, then you are welcome to join in this energetic session of Healing with Higher Divine Teachers and Guides who will come close to assist in your Healing, Realignment and Upliftment! 

Beginners and experienced welcome!

Saturday, June 15th, 2024

10:00am-12:00pm (arrive at 9:45am please)

Caritas Center for Healing

330 E 16th St

Tucson AZ 85701

$40/person Day of

$30/person prepaid

Cash, Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, -Natalie Ivy Strickland 

What to expect:

Please arrive 15min early to get settled.

Please bring yoga mat, water and journal. Wear comfortable clothes. Chairs and blankets provided.

Upon arriving, You will receive a Sage cleansing over all Chakra’s. You will choose an essential oil to spray on to assist you, Sign in, receive a Crystal to keep and infuse your Energetic Cleanse. Then choose to sit in a chair or floor or lie down with blanket.

Short Overview of meditation techniques. 

Activation on your ✨Sacral Chakra✨. Grounding meditation. Chakra cleansing. Chakra Healing. Chakra balancing. Short break, adjust, journal. Sound Healing. Questions, Share, journal.

I’m looking forward to this energetic journey with you!

Peace, Light and Love 💕 ✨🌈🌷🦋💜


Natalie Ivy Strickland 

-Light Healer, Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Sound Healer, Metaphysician, Meditation Guide, Yoga Instructor.


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I feel supremely blessed to have connected with Natalie and received healing sessions from her! She is immensly gifted and radiates love, joy and wisdom. She has a beautifully peaceful, safe presence about her that allows me to relax into my body and into stillness. Her sessions have relieved my physical pain and left me feeling more at peace, rejuvenated and grounded in my body. It is clear that she is embodying her sacred work in the world. I would recommend her to anyone. 

Lua Evangeline Zawacki

I had a lot of aches and pains that lasted for many years and then I did Reiki with Natalie. My pains have definately diminished. Natalie is so caring and professional. Such a unique healing experience. I recommend Reiki with Natalie for everyone. 

Aurora Herminia Ouano Taylor

I enjoyed my yoga experience, calming and relaxing.  I felt Natalie was very intuitive and knowledgeable. I definitely plan to go again. 

Nancy J. Harston

Several months ago my newborn had just had a hernia surgery. I took him to Natalie for a Reiki session to aid in his healing process. He was a bit backed up and uncomfortable and super fussy. The session was so calm and relaxing. I was amazed at how before she was even done, he filled his diaper with poo and fell into a peaceful sleep. When he woke,  he wasn't fussy anymore! It was such a blessing! Natalie is a natural with energy work! Since then my baby and I have seen her a few times and  been very happy with the results! We will continue to see Natalie and definitely recommend going. And her yoga sessions are great! Just what I want in a yoga class!

Stefanie Arciniega

Yoga for all experience levels. Very relaxing and enjoyable. I highly recommend Green Leaves Studio. Thanks Natalie!

Christina Jewell

I must admit I was a sceptic when it comes to Reiki at first. It seemed so foreign to me, but Natalie's knowledge, experience, and positivity made me give it a shot to help with chronic pain and grief. The first few sessions were relaxing and I continued in a "Well it can't hurt" mode, but my most recient two sessions have been a whole new experience. I feel like my body and mind are aware and in tune with the energy that exists within me as a result of my sessions with Natalie. I have literally felt the flowing of renewed energy and have received inspiration I so needed. Reiki with Natalie is incredible!

Sidney Harston

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